Friday, 17 January 2014


Nothing can be decided for sure as your own existence is often questioned due to sheer fate by your conscience at times, then how do you keep at par with being judgmental with exclusive proximity without fail when you’ve failed yourselves so many times? A boy and a girl were sitting in a coffee shop with perspective distinctly distinguishable parted groups. Often the girl looked towards the boy’s side and smiled in a manner which couldn’t be quite comprehended for general civilized respond, on observation it was clearly a sign of acknowledgement of interest towards the boy and soon the comment was made audible. Soon the girl was smiling as the boy walked to her; the first sentence was quite impressive “I don’t use to believe in love and all that emotional crap until now, but now I am beginning to think maybe I was wrong and if anyone proves it I’d like you to be the one” he said in a voice which made the bells ring in girl’s ears for a second she forgot she was in the materialistic world all confused and in dire dilemma of whether to go forth on the path unbound and so spoken of or to avoid the pain and suffering by taking the other road on the fork. “What is it that you seek?” she finally spoke up the boy also confused that he might not have made his intent clear repeated the request once more “let me put it this way…” he began but was interrupted in between “I got what you meant but what I said was what is it you desire? Do you desire to be proved wrong or do you desire me more?” she asked rhetorically he smiled at her meekness and spoke again “perhaps you aren’t quite a philosopher but let me ask you this, how do you plan on proving me wrong without throwing yourselves at me and how could I crave you until my notion of love being a folly was disproved? So even if I chose you would be gaping at nothing but failure. Do you now have an idea of what I desire?” the boy said in the most polite manner he could think of “yes actually I have quite an idea, you want me to pluck you out of your bewilderedness and then throw myself into the flames of agony of love while you can convince yourself of some rational disbeliefs you carry and that for what, humanity? Sorry I am not such a charitable person as to loan you my heart to carry out your skeptic experiments” she said sternly and he was shook to the ground as he stood rooted “well it’s your choice, I only asked I am not forcing you or anything” he replied with a smile on his face but the amplitude of anger just kept on rising on her face as he spoke “you know what? Next time, try harder maybe you’ll get an approval from the girl you are interested in.” She said in a fiery tone “well how I am supposed to try when I don’t believe and you know what I wasn’t even trying for you, I was merely provoking you so that you can make an attempt of convincing me to believe in love” he replied with a smile, it seemed as if his smile was simply mocking the girl’s seriousness and her sharp breaths turned into irritant snarls “why would I do that? Go through all the pains just to prove you something? And moreover what if I finally fail?” she asked in confusion molded with anger “well that’s up to you for deciding and if you’d have tried I assure you, from what I’ve heard love doesn’t fail and neither would’ve you but… well try harder next time” the boy said in a soft tone this time smile was away and his voice carried a serious expression although his face wasn’t so much implementing upon anything. The girl stood there spellbound as she realized that this was one of those times when her thinking was proved condescending with respect to the contradicting incoherent thoughts of another. As few moments passed everything appeared to be at standstill for the two with a swift courteous move the boy leaned forward and kissed the girl on her lips, her cheeks turned pink as he drew away formidably and her eyes turned down as she blushed, she was perhaps totally taken by him and felt like she could do nothing to end this impasse of her feelings, slowly the boy came close to her and whispered in a soft voice “it was nice meeting you, and although my notion of love is still unperturbed I still hope to see you someday as someone who brings about an immense change to what I am in a purely good way” he smiled and blinked his eyes in a gesture which betokened his departure for the moment and the girl too smiled but with pure affection and her smile was the most beautiful thing the boy had ever seen beautiful enough to drive any man insane as he walked away turning back once to see her majestic beauty as she flaunted her flawless smile once again his eyes showed how he now longed for her and even though unspoken verbally it was very much clear to him that in the end he had been proved wrong and for now he didn’t want to wallop her with his new side but inside he soon was to realize how much wrong he was but right now he was just cherishing her beautiful face appearing constantly as he walked away.

//A gift from a friend

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